UK Division of a Global Food Retailer

Kevin has been working with this customer since first making contact in 2002 via a mail shot. After initially being involved on a broking basis, arranging highly effective Operating Leases for the client’s commercial vehicle and materials handling fleet, Kevin has been involved with them on various consultancy projects since 2011. The main thrust latterly has been managing a portfolio of lease agreements that the client acquired previously – managing the relationships with nine different finance companies all of whose leases were structured in different ways. Although the variations are per se ‘small’, the overall impact to the total cost of the portfolio was potentially vast; by capitalising on Advance Finance’s considerable experience in this sector, and solid business relationships with in this sector, we have safeguarded our client from all avoidable costs. The methodology has included partial refinancing of the portfolio at lower interest rates, negotiating better terms to exit agreements and assuring the client acquires clean title at the end of the agreements in the most cost effective manner.

Case Study

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