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Petro-Chemical & Bulk Haulage

Advance has built-up a considerable degree of experience within the Petro-Chemical Bulk Haulage sector and its associated industries of Foodstuffs, Fuels and Gases. This involves the distribution of high consequence cargo’s such as corrosives, toxics, flammables and hazardous products which operate in safety critical environments. Our UK-wide client base is very diverse and consists of Large Bulk Haulage Firms, Tanker Rental Firms, Oil Distributors and Owner Operators.

Here is an overview of the range of assets and funding terms we are able to manage:

  • ADR PTO 6×2/4x2Tractor Units – New and Used up to 12 Years Old
  • Tanker Rigid Vehicles (inc 8-Wheelers) – New and Used up to 12 Years Old
  • Single and Multi-Compartment General Purpose Liquid Tankers (Molasses, Lubricants, Chemicals with Edible Oils and Dairy Products) – New and Used up to 20 Years Old
  • Fuel and Petrol Tankers inc Vacuum Tankers and ISO Containers – New and Used up to 20 Years Old
  • Bulk Powder Food-Grade Silo Tankers (Cement, Gravel, Slurry, Flour, Animal Feed and Granular Recycled Materials) – New and Used up to 20 Years Old
  • Walking Floor Trailers, Bulk Container Boxes, with Self Discharge Units and Tipping Chassis – New and Used up to 12 Years Old
  • GPS Satellite Tracking System and 360 degree Cameras fitted to all Vehicle Fleets – Up to 60 Months Period

We have developed a specialist niche in financing new and used Road Tankers as they are excellent assets to fund as stand-alone projects and also to refinance due to their long life and durability. Refinance can be used for asset refurbishment purposes or on releasing equity for capital funding investment in the business.

To find out how Advance Finance & Leasing could make a positive difference to your industry-specific capital expenditure plans, please get in touch at

Strategic Markets


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