Waste Recycling & Environmental

Advance has established itself as a leading provider of asset finance to the Environmental Waste & Recycling sectors. For waste collection firms it is critical to meet the intensive capital expenditure requirements that deliver the cost effective solutions to their waste supervision, emergency spillage response, decommissioning and decontamination. Our clients are, but not limited to Municipal Authorities, Public and Private Utilities, National and Multi-national clients.

Here is an overview of the range of assets and funding terms we are able to manage:

  • Articulated Vacuum Glass-lined Mild/Steel 40-44 tonnes GCW Road Tankers – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • High-Powered Water Recycler Vacuumation Tanker Units plated at 26/32 tonnes for Deep Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance applications – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • Dewatering Processing Equipment – Mobile Centrifuges and Membrane Filter-Press (15 bar) capacities ranging from 5m³ to 125m³ per hour c/w Polymer Batching Tanks resulting in Filter-Cakes of High Dry Solids Content – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • Petrol and Diesel Chassis-Trailer Mounted High Pressure Jetting Systems with Varying Tank and Pump capacity for De-silting and De-chocking of both Man Entry and No-Man Entry Sewers – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • Recycling Equipment including Balers, Compactors, Shredders, Wrapping Systems to Bale and Export RDF, SRF and MSW Materials to avoid High Landfill Taxes – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • Municipal HGV Rear-end Skips Loaders & Refuse Collection Vehicles – New and Used up to 15 Years Old

The positive nature of arranging finance in this sector is that the asset-types are generally long-life with a buoyant second-hand market. This means along with facilitating standard-type purchase plans, it also lends itself well to other types of funding such as mid-life refurbishments (tankers) and using these assets as collateral for refinance.

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