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E-Commerce and Supply Chain Logistics

Traditionally E-Commerce and Supply Chain Logistics is one of our largest sectors, it is also a market driven by new technologies and market efficiency performance. Specifically, the growth of online sales is redefining retailing, selling, and supply chain management to drive it towards a new business model. For our clients it means the demands of pricing, fulfillment, stock management and ordering are much more challenging and complex than ever before.

Here is an overview of the range of assets and funding terms we are able to manage:

  • Large Fleet Replacement Programmes for 6×2 / 4×2 Tractor Units coordinated by batches and funded on Treasury-SWAP rate Sale & Lease (Off-Balance Sheet) arrangements – New and Used up to 12 Years Old
  • End of Primary Lease Refurbishments on existing Tractor Unit and Road Trailers to optimise the Full-life span of Equipment – Used  Assets up to 12-15 Years Old at Lease End
  • Containerisation – Intermodal Steel Maritime, Rail & Shipping Containers 20ft – 53ft – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • High Speed Large Volume Mail Sortation Equipment (Pre-process to Sequencing) – New and Used up to 7 Years Old
  • Conveying Machines including Chain Driven Conveyors for handling heavier Products and Pallets – New and Used up to 7 Years Old
  • Modular Building Distribution Centres including Office Space and Fit-outs of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment such as Dock-Levellers and Traffic Controls – New and Used up to 7 Years Old

Our expertise in providing large-scale funding within this sector combines both a very high level of technical proficiency with Treasury-linked funding rates. A good example is our ability to structure highly competitive large replacement programmes, whereby draw-downs are quarterly driven as assets purchased and then assigned into Off-balance sheet arrangements.

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Strategic Markets


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