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National Retailers and Supermarkets

At Advance, we have worked with several major Food Retail groups for over 15 years. Supermarkets are continually investing in replacement commercial vehicle programmes and supply chain technologies to drive cost. Here we add value by structuring off-balance sheet funding that eliminates the operating risks previously borne by the food retailers and delivers significant savings across the fleet.

Here is an overview of the range of assets and funding terms we are able to manage:

  • New and Used Refrigerated Trailers – Single, Dual or Multi-Temperature 13.6M 33-Pallet Standard, Double Deck, Meat Hangers and Poultry configurations – New and Used up to 12 Years Old
  • All Configurations of Tractor Units 6×2 / 4×2 – Primarily for Bulk Deliveries & Non-articulated Rigid Trucks Plated at 14, 18 and 26T – for City Centre deliveries, Supermarket Stores, Hotels and Foodservice Outlets – New and Used up to 12 Years Old
  • 3.5t Chassis Cab LCVs mounted with Multi-Compartment Refrigerated Bodies and Fridge Units to transport Ambient, Chilled and Frozen for Home Deliveries – New and Used up to 7 Years Old
  • Material Handling Equipment including Fort-lift Trucks, Stackers and Lifting Apparatus used in the RDCs – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • Yard Shunters designed for moving Trailers in Distribution Centres, Transport Depots, Container Terminals and Airports – New and Used up to 15 Years Old
  • Telematics Monitoring Systems to increase visibility into the Supermarket’s Fleet of Delivery Vehicles and provide a real-time view of its Fleet to support its Route Planning – Funding on 1+35 / 1+59 Profiles

We find many of our clients are still bound into historic leases and are paying secondary lease rentals. We assist with the management of our clients’ existing portfolio of leases and can save money on Advance negotiating direct with the leasing company to purchase the assets and sell onward to our clients.

To find out how Advance Finance & Leasing could make a positive difference to your industry-specific capital expenditure plans, please get in touch at

Strategic Markets


We talk the same language, We understand your business

We understand the immense pressures of running a fleet of vehicles. We can help you by expanding your base of asset finance suppliers, in-turn building and sustaining a really competitive and efficient environment

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