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Terminal Yard Shunter Fleet

We have our own fleet of Terminal Yard Shunting Vehicles also referred to as “Shunters”.  They are specifically for the movement of road trailers around distribution yards. 

Our fleet consists of Terberg YT 4×2 Tractor Units, they are ideal for moving trailers in distribution centres and haulage yards as the spacious cab provides excellent all round visibility.  Our units vary in age and have been fully refurbished and routinely maintained to a very high standard.  This gives our customers peace of mind that their business operation can continue to run smoothly as we look to minimise any unplanned downtime

Typically our equipment goes on hire to national & regional operators.  We can hire short term to cover peaks in workloads such as the Christmas peak, or long term as part of normal working. 

If you are interested in renting one of our Shunting Vehicles for short or long term rental please contact us on